Just like every other machine, laptops are prone to break sometimes. When that happens, it is inevitably time for repair. Some minor laptop fix tasks can be done at home, however, at the risk of further breakage. 

On the other hand, professional computer technicians have all the right tools and knowledge to do the job right and actually save your laptop. It is up to you to decide how to proceed when it comes to a laptop breakdown.

In the meantime, we will guide you through all the major laptop breakages and causes, and what steps need to be taken for quality laptop repair.

What to do when your laptop breaks?

Find the cause of laptop damage or breakage

The first thing on your to-do list must be the issue allocation. Once you grasp what works and what malfunctions on your laptop, it would be easy to find the problem and its probable cause. That way, you would know exactly what needs fixing.

Consult with a professional laptop repair technician

No matter the severity of the laptop damage, consulting a computer repair technician is always a good idea. It is helpful to catch hidden and ongoing issues on time. Some problems run deeper than they seem and can be vital to the laptop’s durability and longevity. 

Take your laptop to a computer repair service

Most small software and system issues could be fixed without heading out to the computer repair shop. However, when it comes to severe damage or a system breakdown, it’s wise to leave the work to the professionals. They have all the right tools, skills, and knowledge to save your laptop. Better safe than sorry.

Common laptop issues and breakdown scenarios

Hard Drive damage

The hard drive is a warehouse of all the data on your laptop. Both HDD and SSD drives are important because they store crucial information, system code, personal files, and more. That’s why hard drive damage is one of the most critical laptop breakdown scenarios. 

 A damaged hard drive requires special technical attention. If a hard drive malfunctions, then the data needs to get transferred safely and it ought to be replaced with a new one. The specialists at the computer repair shop should be able to help with that. 

Liquid damage

Liquid damage also tends to be a common laptop problem. Spilled water, coffee, or another fluid or beverage – it could happen to the best of us. But it is important to know how to react fast when it does. 

The first thing to do is unplug all the cables connected to the laptop. That way you prevent further damage and electricity shortages. The next step is to take a cloth or kitchen paper and dab at the liquid. Try to make sure no water gets into the ports and the vent holes. Last but not least – flip the laptop and turn it upside down. By doing that the excess water can drain out the keyboard and board cracks. 

Once you have performed the first-aid procedure on your favorite machine, let it dry out and take it to a professional laptop repair. That’s your best bet, as liquid damage is no joke and can lead to severe laptop damage.


Overheating is a standard laptop issue that vastly decreases overall performance. The high temperature causes screen freeze and system failures and immensely slows the laptop down.

A common cause of overheating is the combination of a laptop’s small size and its lack of ventilation. Another reason for a laptop to overheat might be a dust clogging of the cooling air vent.

The overheating problem can be solved by air vent cleaning. All you need is a cloth, gel cleaner, or another tool to get rid of dust particles. If your laptop keeps on experiencing the same performance issues, take it to a computer technician for expert assessment. 

Fast battery drainage

When you have a laptop, sooner or later you will have to deal with excessive battery drainage. That’s normal because lithium-ion batteries are not eternal. So they will need replacement every once in a while. In most cases, repair shops can help with the task.

Broken or cracked screen 

If a laptop screen stops working for any reason, it’s time for repair or screen replacement. For such a laptop fix, you need to entrust a computer repair service. The procedure is delicate and requires extensive knowledge and skillfulness. 

Keyboard damage

Keyboard damage is a common laptop breakage. After prolonged use keyboards tend to wear out, dislodge keys and eventually start causing problems. But there could be other causes prompting keyboard issues. 

The physical damage is usually displaced or fallen out keys, as well as dust and particles stuck underneath. These are small laptop problems you can try to quick fix at home, but the risk of losing or misplacing keys is real. For the bigger laptop issues like spillage and non-working keys, you might need tech assistance for repair or keyboard replacement.

System crash / Blue screen

Undoubtfully, one of the worst laptop breakdown scenarios is a system crash, along with a frozen or blue screen. This issue is an indicator for a hardware or software problem, or in worst cases – both. 

The blue screen for Windows users is not always a cause for concern. Although, it often comes with the inconvenience of losing data. If a blue screen happens frequently – definitely stop by a computer repair shop to get the laptop checked out. 

System crashes can be caused by many things, such as:

  • Driver update
  • Driver installation
  • Program installation
  • Malware
  • Computer virus

To make sure no important data is lost in case of a system crash, always use a cloud service. If the damage is already done, head over to the computer repair shop to try and restore your data.

Viruses, malware, and malicious software

Malicious software and computer viruses can cripple your laptop, leak your personal data and invade your privacy. The best way to ensure your laptop works well is by installing an anti-virus program that makes regular malware scans. 

Another good piece of advice for cybersecurity is to avoid visiting suspicious websites. Make sure you do not open spam files and email attachments. Also, refrain from using flash drives and always download drivers from the official manufacturer’s website.

If you have any of the above-mentioned laptop breakage problems, get in touch with a professional computer repair service. Our skilled technicians can help you in fixing any minor and major issues and you will have your laptop back in no time.