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This RAD Care add-on service is designed to prevent unwanted programs from being installed to the computer. This is done by sending a request to RAD Computers that must be reviewed and approved prior to that software from being installed. Typically, program requests are manually reviewed and approved/denied by RAD Computers‘ staff within 60 seconds.

Q.) “Who would want that?”
A.) In our many years of computer repair and IT support, in a residential situation, these are the three most common use cases:

  1. Preventing users that may have cognitive decline/impairment or little computer experience from being instructed or tricked to install software onto a computer by 3rd parties with malicious intent.
    • Users that are likely to fall victim, or have already fallen victim, to telephone, email or infected website scams
      • These users, typically elderly, have a tendency to believe when someone calls and says they’re from the IRS, Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc that the user is to follow their instruction, which can lead to a scammer being intentionally let into their computer, where passwords or banking information may be stored
      • Scammers then harvest the passwords or banking information to steal money directly from the user. For example, a user that had fallen victim to this type of scam prior to coming to RAD Computers for help had lost $19,000 (that’s nineteen thousand dollars) in a single scam.
  2. Users with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or similar cognitive-affecting conditions, or spirited computer users (“click-happy”) that may be prone to download and open programs of malicious nature.
    • These can include malicious programs such as trojan backdoors, keyloggers, and other malicious software designed at harvesting data such as banking credentials, or destroying data. While RAD Care does have measures that help mitigate these types of applications from taking hold on a system, no antivirus from any company has a 100% fool-proof detection rate.
  3. Families with a shared computer where kids (usually in the age range of 9-16) download and install games without their parents’ consent.
    • This is especially true of teenagers that are technologically inclined and download and install programs to help them gain the upper hand (cheat) in some games (like “CheatEngine”)
    • They download “utility software” they believe will help keep the computer running smoothly, when in fact these programs do the opposite. Programs that make claims such as:
      • Driver downloading utilities
      • Registry cleaners
      • Registry optimizers
      • System cleaners
      • (Fake) Antiviruses
      • Memory Cleaners
    • Not only do these “utility softwares” provide zero benefit, in our experience we have found that they can produce negative results in direct opposition of what the user was intending. These softwares can also cause computers to exhibit erratic behavior, such as instability and failure to boot into Windows.

With RAD Application Approval, the probability of these scenarios occurring is greatly reduced, so the computers we’re covering can continue to run without the user(s) inadvertently causing issues beyond our control.

*NOTE: This service is paid for monthly, but is provided immediately as requests come in. Whether it’s 1 request a month or 100 requests a month, the monthly service cost remains the same. This is billed PER COMPUTER you would like the service provided to.