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RAD Computers has fixed over 11,000 computers to date since 2012. We’re so good at what we do, other computer repair companies and Managed IT Service providers have counted on us to help them out when they need a hand. If you’re a provider of IT services in Maricopa County, click here to learn about partnering with us.

IT professionals in the Mesa, AZ and surrounding area trust us with their toughest computer challenges, and you can, too. We back all of our repairs with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can rest assured your repairs are done to your satisfaction.

Each year, we see a myriad of computer issues, and we track the issues to better prepare for the coming year. Below are the issues we fixed the most in 2023!

In order of most frequent to least frequent

Top 15 Computer Problems We Fixed in 2023

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Slow Computer Tune-Up

Your computer probably isn’t as old as the one in the picture, but if your computer is slow, it can feel ancient.

Slow computers impede productivity (and fun) and result in a frustrated user experience. We can troubleshoot slow computer issues and provide the best options to bring your computer back to running like a champion.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Virus and Malware Removal

Don’t operate a computer with a virus on it. Modern viruses are designed to steal your data, including passwords, bank account information, and data you wouldn’t want the world to have.

There’s a wide range of symptoms for computer virus infections, and system instability isn’t always one of them. Viruses often lurk in the shadows undetected these days. We’ve had several customers tell us their bank notified them they had a virus on their computer, and it was legitimate.

If you suspect you might have a virus, this is one of those issues where you really shouldn’t wait to get it fixed. Data privacy and preservation are our top priorities; we’ll ensure your system is clean and virus-free.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Computer Not Booting

This is a nightmare problem for someone that needs to use their computer. Often caused by a failing drive, this can be a serious issue that requires proper care to fix without serious downtime.

With Windows, you may see a black screen with a white blinking cursor in the top-left corner, or an error message that says “A hard disk error has occurred”, or even a blue screen of death that interrupts the boot process before you get to Windows.

On an Apple computer, you might see a gray screen with a “?” question mark in the middle, or a folder with a circle and a line through it, or sometimes just a blank gray screen, or a loading bar that never finishes loading.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Fix Unstable Computer

Unstable computers are an absolute nightmare. Instability can be caused by anything! Not only does it happen suddenly, but it can be difficult to troubleshoot because it’s often an intermittent issue that only appears at the worst of times.

Bad RAM is a common cause, but so are bad devices drivers, failing graphics card, faulty CPU, bad motherboard, dying power supply, bad sectors on a drive, and corrupted operating system.

If your computer is randomly rebooting or shutting down, we can get to the heart of the issue and fix it.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Laptop Screen Replacement

Accidents happen. This is usually why laptop screens need to be replaced. One day, you open your laptop and notice a large black blob and weird lines on the screen.

Sometimes people accidentally close their laptop lid on small objects, drop their laptop, or loan their laptop to a friend or family member and get it back broken. And once in a while, it’s a manufacturing defect.

Regardless of the cause, the repair is the same: replace the laptop screen.

These days, it’s getting more and more difficult to replace the screen – laptop manufacturers are now using adhesive to glue the screens in, making replacement a long and frustrating process.

Bring your laptop to us and remove the headache of following a YouTube video to try to do it yourself. We’re fast, affordable, and only use quality screens for our repairs.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Laptop DC Jack / Charge Port Repair

If your laptop isn’t powering on, there’s a high probability the issue is the port where you plug your charging adapter in. Over time, these ports can go bad from the pressure applied when inserting the adapter.

Get this issue diagnosed and fixed. We’ll ensure it’s not charger, verify the DC jack is bad, and confirm the charging circuit on the motherboard is still allowing the battery to charge.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Laptop Hinge Repair

Symptoms of a laptop hinge needing to be repaired are a bulging or cracked area near the base of the laptop screen either on the top or bottom.

This is one of those things you need to get fixed as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the more difficult it gets to repair. A failing laptop hinge can cause the laptop screen to crack if the hinge is ripped from the screen assembly.

A broken hinge can also rip cables inside the laptop as it pulls away from the base of the laptop, below the keyboard area.

If you suspect your laptop hinge needs to be fixed, bring it to us immediately so we can prevent the issue from growing into a costly repair.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Keyboards malfunction, keys pop off from normal wear and tear, and sometimes the keys just stop registering button presses. And let’s not forget liquid spills.

When a laptop keyboard stops working correctly, it can really inhibit productivity and play time.

Sometimes, all we need to do is replace the key assembly and the laptop is as good as new. But when the need arises, we can replace any keyboard in any laptop, as well, including Macbooks.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Network Connectivity Issues

Desktops and laptops are basically useless these days if they can’t connect to the internet. Between email, Facebook, YouTube, and news, life without a computer that can connect to the internet is akin to living in the dark ages.

Most modern computers connect to the internet over WiFi, and WiFi cards do NOT last forever. There’s only so much life in the transceiver chips that broadcast and listen to WiFi signals.

If your WiFi or even ethernet connection is unstable, bring it in. We’ll test to see if it’s the computer itself, as we have multiple networks set up in our computer repair shop specifically for this purpose.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Data Recovery

Sadly, the majority of new customers we see do not back their data up. We can fix computers all day long, but recovering lost data from a damaged or dead drive is a completely different story.

There is no surefire way to retrieve data from a dead drive. That doesn’t mean we don’t give it our best effort. Our in-house recovery services are flat-rate, and if we can’t retrieve your data, you’re not charged.

If your data can’t be recovered in-house, we have a data recovery partner that we work closely with for difficult recoveries, as well.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Computer shutting down suddenly

If your computer is shutting down suddenly and not turning itself back on, there’s two likely causes: power delivery issues, or CPU overheating.

On laptop computers, your DC jack (charge port) could be going bad. Desktops may have a power supply that’s failing.

Alternatively with laptop AND desktop computers, the CPU might be getting too hot and shutting the computer off to preserve itself. CPUs from both AMD and Intel are designed to shut the computer down to prevent themselves from cooking themselves to death, literally.

With laptops, we disassemble and clean the computer out, removing dust and debris built up on the heatsink to allow the fans to blow air through the heatsink for proper cooling. We also replace the thermal paste.

With desktops, especially gaming desktops with all-in-one liquid coolers, we deep-clean or replace the cooling solution with a better one, also while replacing thermal paste.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Password Removal

If you’ve locked yourself out of your Windows or Mac, don’t feel embarassed. It happens a lot more often than you think.

We can remove passwords from Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11, Windows Server (all iterations), and MacOS. When using RAD Computers for a password removal, your data will be safe and sound after the removal.

RAD Computers can also help you get into computers from deceased loved ones for memory preservation, financial documentation, and recovering legal documents.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Data Transfer

If you’re switching to a newer computer, getting the data from the old computer to the new one can be a daunting task.

We make the process of transferring data from computer to computer easy for our customers.  Other repair shops leave you wondering where your data was put.

At RAD Computers, we put your data back exactly the way it was, including your Microsoft Outlook accounts and contacts, bookmarks and extensions, and even your desktop wallpaper.

Get your data transferred correctly so you can be back in business as quickly as possible – here, at RAD Computers.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

RGB Fan and Lighting

Want a sick upgrade to your gaming rig?

Installing RGB fans can be a LONG process. It’s not so much getting the fans in place, it’s the cable management afterward.

At RAD Computers, we pride ourselves on our cable management skills. We’ve been beautifying cable management since before case manufacturers started making cases with cable management in mind – and those cases still aren’t great when you have tons of cables!

We’ll install all your RGB fans and lighting strips AND make their cables VANISH. Get a hotrod-style setup with a look so clean, Marie Kondo would be jealous.

A desktop computer with RGB lighting everywhere inside

Laptop Touchpad Replacement

Most people don’t even know that touchpads are replaceable in most laptops. Touchpads (sometimes referred to as “trackpads”) allow you to interact with your computer by manipulating the mouse cursor on both Windows and MacOS.

Sometimes they just stop working, other times they get damaged, as seen in with the HP Laptop in the image above with the crack in the touchpad.

Regardless of reason, we can help. Replacing a laptop’s touch pad requires opening up the laptop and getting the exact model of the touchpad, because sometimes they’re different even on two laptops with identical models.

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