RAD Computers Now Offers Web Design and Website Maintenance!

Let us build your brand new website!

Whether you need an existing website maintained or a brand new one built from scratch, we’re your web design experts! We have over 22 years of web design experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, and more!

Your website should be beautiful AND functional.

More than just a place for information, your website represents you or your business and should be aesthetically pleasing and wholly functional on all computers and mobile devices. That’s because over 60% of internet browsing is done on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. RAD Web Designers create responsive websites that look exactly how we want them to across all browsers on all platforms!

You’re Your Website Looks Great!”

First impressions are important, and poor grammar makes a website business look second-rate and tacky. With RAD Web Design, we have a “checked by humans” system in place, and our editors are phenomenal! We ensure there’s zero mistakes on your website so your content looks first-class and professional!

Great Photos Make a Great Looking Website!

Photos MAKE a website. Period. We have add-on photography and videography packages to produce beautiful pictures and videos of you, your building, your vehicle fleet, inventory, your before/after, and more. We ensure all photos fit the aesthetic of the business AND the website!

How about a complete website re-design?

Don’t let your GoDaddy-built site get you down. Their hosting is sub-par and their website builder is, quite frankly, atrocious. That doesn’t mean your existing site is all-for-naught. We can also completely re-create it in a modern CMS platform, while making it modern and easy to work on!

Don’t leave out social media platforms

Our RAD Web Designers can help you leverage social media platforms, as well. For instance, we can automate cross-posting content between your website and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more! We can even get you going with your own shopping page!

We Can Automate Reviews, Too!

Speaking of content automation, if you’re in the service industry, you probably have reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, or Zillow just to name a few. We can automate the process of getting those reviews to display on your website in the form of Widgets, Sliding Banners, or a Review Page!

Have a more complex site in mind?

Whether you need an internal-only website, subdomains, redirects, or multi-domain sites, we cover it all! We can also integrate with certain CRM’s, card merchants, invoicing platforms, and Inventory systems using their APIs! With modern websites, almost anything is possible!

But let’s not forget about website security.

Last on the list, but certainly not least, a whole-site approach to security is necessary in today’s digital age. Our comprehensive maintenance package provides for securing not only your website, but your email, social media accounts, domain, and more! It also includes web design work, off-site backups, website maintenance and system and plug-in upgrades, and more! We also ensure your email isn’t flagged as spam by implementing SPIF, DMARC, and DKIM protocols!

Website design and maintenance packages

Consultation for an estimate is always free!

For reference, a 3-5 page site from scratch would start at $750, depending on complexity. This includes a WordPress site of 3-5 pages, domain name acquisition, hosting space setup, wordpress template, email, security, Google Analytics setup, and more! Let us know if you have any questions!

Web Design Billed By the Hour

$ 35
/per hour

Web Design and Maintenance
billed by the hour, no monthly

Existing Site Maintenance Plan

$ 50
/per month

Text / Image Change Requests

Add / Remove Content Requests
Two (2) Hours/month

Additional Hourly Design Billed At

Platform and Plug-In Updates
Updates to your CMS and Plug-Ins done Monthly

Monthly Off-Site Backups
Redundant Storage Vaults

Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

$ 100
/per month

Text / Image Change Requests

Add / Remove Content Requests
Two (2) Hours/month

Additional Hourly Design Billed At

Platform and Plug-In Updates
Updates to your CMS and Plug-Ins done Weekly

Weekly Off-Site Backups
Redundant Storage Vaults

Managed Website Hosting & Support
Issues that arise are handled by us

Auto-Updating Social Review Feeds
Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc

Auto-Updating Social Media Feeds
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

Managed Website Security
Protection against DDoS, 2FA, Weekly Firewall Review, WHOis Privacy, Domain Name Transfer Lock

Managed E-Mail Authentication
Prevents your outgoing email from being flagged as spam using up-to-date SPIF / DKIM / DMARC records

New Website Creation

$ 750
(starting at)

Complete Site Creation and Setup
We acquire and set up your space on the web

Domain Name Setup & Security
Domain names under $20 Included

WordPress Website (Latest Version)
Configured with the plug-ins you need

Premium WordPress Template

Responsive ("Mobile Friendly") Site
Designed for both Computer and Mobile Devices

Design-friendly Photo Editing
Editing your existing photos for design aesthetics

Auto-Updating Social Media Feeds
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

Working Google Map API Plug-In
Provides Interactive Directions

"Sign-Up!" and "Contact Us" Forms
To Propagate Lead Generation

Custom Domain E-Mail Creation
We create yourname@yourwebsite.com

Initial Site Security Implemented
Firewall, DDoS Protection, 2FA, WHOis Privacy, Domain Transfer Lock

Take Your Website to the Next Level with Our Media Packages

As we stated earlier, great photos make a great looking website. Period. There’s no compromise when it comes to great media content. Our photographers and videographers use commercial-grade professional equipment to produce commercial-grade professional media content for your website and social media accounts.

Photography Package

$ 300
(starting at)

Includes On-Site Photography and Source Files
Plus Hand-Selecting and Professionally Editing Shots to Tailor them to your Website and Social Media Accounts

Examples of Photos to Add to Your Website:
Business building location, employee portraits or group photos, products, service at work, before/after comparative shots, vehicle fleet, etc

Videography Package

$ 1000
(starting at)

Includes On-Site Videography and Source Files
Plus Professionally Edited Video with Royalty-Free Music to Create Eye-Catching Video Content for Your Website and Social Media Accounts

Examples of Video Content Scenarios to Consider:
3-Minute Commercials for Social Media Sharing, Product Demonstrations, Service Timelapse, Musician Performances, Special Events, etc

Aerial Photos/Video

$ 1000
(starting at)

Includes Aerial Drone Media and Source Files
Photos / Videos from Professional, Licensed & Insured Drone Operators, sent to our Photo / Video Editors to provide breathtaking aerial footage

Examples of Drone-worthy Scenarios to Consider:
Showcasing a Building or a Neighborhood, Displaying an Inventory of Vehicles, Land for Sale, Fly-by Commercial, etc

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