Need to call your internet service provider?

Legitimate ISP Tech Support Numbers

For Arizona residents and Businesses in Maricopa and Pinal County

Tech Support Numbers for Local Internet Providers

There’s an alarming number of scammers that show up in search when performing a search query for legitimate service providers, such as Cox or CenturyLink internet technical support.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a few of the service provider numbers local to Maricopa County, AZ and Pinal County, AZ.

If you need to reach your Internet provider’s tech support, rest assured these numbers are legitimate, so you’ll reach the intended tech support center.

Please note: MICROSOFT will NEVER call you. MICROSOFT will never tell you to call them. If you’re seeing a message to call “Microsoft”, call us immediately: (480) 252-2114, as you could be looking at an infected website.

A blue and green logo that says "Cox"

CenturyLink Technical Support

Residential and Business:
(833) 591-0933

Residential: Press 2, then 3, enter Zip Code
Business: Press 1, then 3, then 2

Alternatively, you can TEXT CenturyLink at (888) 320-3452


CenturyLink Residential Support Page

CenturyLink Business Support Page


A dark blue logo saying "Phoenix Internet" with an orange swoosh

Phoenix Internet Technical Support

A blue logo that reads "FiberFirst"

FiberFirst Technical Support

Residential and Business:
(833) 342-7444
(option 4 for Arizona)

FiberFirst Support Page

A white and light purple logo for Quantum Fiber

Quantum Fiber Technical Support

Residential and Business:
(833) 250-6306
5AM – 9PM Arizona Time

Quantum Fiber Support Page

A blue logo for Orbitel Communications

Orbitel Technical Support

Residential and Business:
(800) 998-8084
Available 24/7

Orbitel Communications Support Page

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