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Say "Hello" to better Internet Connectivity

Few things are more frustrating to a business than losing internet connectivity over and over again. In today’s digital age, an unstable Internet connection results in a massive loss of productivity, unhappy employees, unhappy clients, and loss of revenue.

Don’t let poor internet connectivity be the bane of your business. With RAD Computers, networking issues are a thing of the past. We’re more than just computer repair professionals, we’re networking experts, too!

RAD Computers provides the following networking services:

WiFi Services

  • WiFi Troubleshooting
    • Eliminate WiFi “deadzones”
    • Improve connectivity in buildings with aluminum studs
    • Get better connectivity in buildings with lots of glass
  • WiFi Network Installation
  • WiFi Network Expansion

Network Cabling Services

  • Low Voltage (Ethernet) Cabling
    • Hardwire Printers, Computers, TVs, and Security Cameras
    • Get Cabling ran to your VOIP phones
    • Replace old Cat5 with Cat6/Cat6e for faster speeds
    • Replace cables damaged by age, animals, and general mishandling
    • Replace Copper-Clad Aluminum cabling with Solid Copper Cabling
  • Network rack installation
  • Network rack cleanup
  • Starlink installation

Site-to-Site Networking Services

  • Site-to-Site VPN Setup and maintenance
    • Connect multiple locations together over the internet
  • Site-to-Site Bridging
    • Connect buildings together at the same location

Network Security Services

  • Firewall configuration and management
  • Full network managed services
    • Stay compliant with monitoring, updates, and security of your business network

RAD Computers Fixes Internet Service Provider Issues

We also help troubleshoot internet connectivity issues to determine if the issue is with your networking equipment or your internet service provider (ISP).

We’ve helped dozens of clients get internet problems fixed by determining the root cause is with their ISP, and we provide the data to prove it. Whether you have CenturyLink, Cox, Google Fiber, Quantum Fiber, or another internet provider like HughesNet or Phoenix Internet, RAD Computers has the expertise required to get your internet issues permanently fixed.

Your internet doesn’t have to be unstable.

We provide better internet connectivity, and troubleshoot ISP issues.

Clean Networking Installations

Internet and network connectivity troubleshooting starts with checking connections. If your network closet, network room, or network cabinet are a mess, there’s a high probability that whoever ran the cabling didn’t care enough to do their job correctly.

We troubleshoot networking issues, and clean up cabinets so you can become self-sufficient. If you don’t want to think about managing your own network, we can also manage it for you.

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