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Affordable Laptop Repair

RAD Computers has been providing laptop repair services to our customers for nearly 15 years. We repair both Windows-based and MacOS-based laptops, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, Alienware, MSI, and Macbook laptops. We’ve been doing laptop repairs for years and we even have over 500 hours of live computer repair footage on our YouTube channel.

Laptops break in a variety of ways, so we’ve provided a clickable list of our most common laptop repairs, along with the symptoms, for your convenience. Clicking a repair will take you to the page that details how that specific laptop repair is done, if that knowledge interests you.

Laptop Repairs at RAD Computers

  • Laptop hinge repair
    • Laptop screen pushing out
    • Laptop coming apart
  • Laptop screen replacement
    • Cracked Screen
    • Dim screen
    • Touchscreen malfunctioning
  • Laptop battery swap
    • Battery not holding a charge
    • Battery swelling
  • Laptop DC Jack (“charge port”) repair
    • Laptop not turning on
    • Laptop not charging
  • Laptop not connecting to WiFi
    • Wireless card replacement
    • Antenna replacement
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
    • Missing keys
    • Malfunctioning keyboard
  • Laptop suddenly turns off
    • Laptop overheating
  • Laptop liquid damage
    • Water spilled on laptop (and other beverages)

Along with these laptop repairs, we can also resolve slow laptop issues, laptop randomly crashing (unstable laptop), and other common computer issues that aren’t specific to laptops.

Laptop and Macbook Repair

We repair laptops other companies can’t.

A laptop chassis opened so it can be repaired

We Fix Broken Laptops

Whether your laptop issue is simple or complex, we can fix it.

We’re sometimes surprised at some of the laptops brought to us, especially when they’ve been worked on by another company. It seems all to often these laptops aren’t put back together correctly, much less having the actual issue fixed.

Laptop repair begins with proper diagnosis. If your laptop is in need of repair, we have the expertise, tools, and skills to fix it.

We do Macbook repair as well. Don’t settle for costly repairs through the manufacturer. We properly diagnose and fix laptops so you can get back to computing with little downtime.

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