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Customer service and data preservation are our top priorities.

The solutions we provide you should always allow for the best computing experience.
RAD Computers - Computer Repair Experts that are totally RAD!

- Mark Bush, Owner, RAD Computers

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Services We Provide

Computer Repair

We repair desktops, laptops, all-in-ones, and computers of all ages. If a repair is all you need, we'll let you know, instead of telling you to replace it! Virus removal, clean up / tune up, SSD upgrade, cracked screen, broken hinge - we fix it all and fast!


Whether you're doing 3D CAD, Audio/Video, Predictive Modeling / Rendering, Webdesign / SEO, mega-tasking, or just want a computer that doesn't break or slow down, we build brand new workstations for any task, with 3-Year extendable warranties.

Remote Support

We offer fast remote support, like an IT help desk. Just a few clicks and we're right there with you, ready to help out with your computing needs. If you can get online, we can repair your computer remotely!

Mac Repair

Apple computers, including the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro, all need computer repair and maintenance, too! You can count on us to assist with water damage and data recovery, as well!

Gaming Rigs

If you're gaming on a budget or with cash to burn, our RAD Gaming Rigs are built around your needs as a gamer. Maximize your spending power and get the best bang for your buck, with a 3-year extendable warranty.

Smart Device Examples for Ring Doorbell and Nest Thermostat

Is Your Home or Office SMART?

We install smarter

We don't just do computer repair! If you have questions about smart devices, call us for expert advice and free estimates.

RAD Care Plans (Better than Computer Repair!)

How to save money and have a better computer experience

Designed to keep your home computers safe and maintained with automatic cleanups, anti-virus, health monitoring, and so much more! Have three (3) or more Home PCs? We offer a FAMILY PLAN RATE!

Save your business time, money, and headache

Even if you already have "an IT guy", we can supplement or fully replace in-house IT. Stop spending on computer repair and start saving with managed IT services! Please call us directly for more information about our RAD PREDATOR managed IT services!

Silver Family Plan $25/mo for 3-5 Devices!

RAD Care Silver

$ 10
/Month per PC
Managed AntiVirus
Monthly Maintenance
Basic Health Monitoring
Basic Report Cards
10% Off In-Store Labor
Recommended for PCs Used 5 Hrs/Week or Less
Gold Family Plan $50/mo for 3-5 Devices!

RAD Care Gold

$ 20
/Month per PC
Managed AntiVirus
Bi-Weekly Maintenance
Advanced Health Monitoring
Detailed Report Cards
1 FREE Repair per year*
25% Off Additional In-Store Labor
10% Off Additional Remote Labor
50GB RAD Cloud Backup
Registry Backups
Advanced Patching
Priority In-Store Diagnostics
Recommended for PCs Used 5-10 Hrs/Week
Platinum Family Plan $75/mo for 3-5 Devices!

RAD Care Platinum

$ 30
/Month per PC
Managed Antivirus
Weekly Maintenance
Complete Health Monitoring
Complete Report Cards
ALL LABOR Included
ONLY PAY For Parts
Parts At Cost
250GB RAD Cloud Backup
Registry Backups
Advanced Patching
Priority In-Store Repairs
Recommended for PCs Used 10-15 Hrs/Week

RAD Care Plans Changelog

Office Hours and Locations:

Monday - Friday, 12PM - 6PM

RAD Computers - Mesa/Tempe

(480) 252-2114
2655 W Guadalupe Rd #1
Mesa, AZ 85202
(Just off the 101 and Guadalupe)

RAD Computers - Scottsdale

(480) 250-6179
(Currently Remote Only, or drop off at Mesa/Tempe)

RAD Computers - Maricopa

(480) 702-1314
Located in Rancho El Dorado
Service by Appointment Only


Q: "Do I need to schedule an appointment?"

A: Not at all, drop offs are welcome anytime between 12PM to 6PM Monday through Friday!

Q: "Do you do service calls?"

A: While we still offer service calls for businesses, we require residential customers come to us for in-shop repairs. This ensures we have the right resources for the repair, and allows us to maintain our excellent turnaround time for everyone!

We have extremely satisfied customers come to us from all over the Phoenix area!