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Computer Repair

We offer computer repair services for Windows and MacOS devices, whether they’re desktops, laptops, or all-in-ones.

Tech Support

RAD Computers provides Managed IT Services to businesses in Arizona. Call us for on-site consultation. Already have an MSP? We’ll tell you the good and the bad.

Automatic Maintenance

Our maintenance plans are designed to maximize computer speed, security, longevity. We have a plan for everyone.

Data Security

Data privacy and preservation are our top priorities. RAD Computers also offers cloud backup solutions for home and business.

Custom Built Computers

Our computers are built to be fast.
Our computers are built to last.
RAD Computers builds daily drivers, gaming rigs, and powerful workstations.

Network Services

Whether you need to be wired in, or wifi’d up, we provide network, WiFi, VPN, and site-to-site bridging services.

Your computer guy’s computer guys

Our reputation was earned over 10+ Years and 10,000+ Solutions

Led by CEO Mark Bush, RAD Computers has operated since 2010 in Arizona. Individuals, Businesses, and even other IT companies have relied on our talented team for professional IT services. Thanks to relentless automation and optimization efforts, we are more than Resourceful, Affordable, and Dependable. RAD Computers is also Fast, Efficient, and Effective at solving all of your computer and IT problems.

Mark Bush, Founder and CEO of RAD Computers

Mark Bush

Founder & CEO
RAD Computers

Stop Stressing We've got the solution to whatever your problem is.

500+ Reviews, all of which are 5-star

Managed IT Services for Business

Not all MSPs are created equal

If you need IT services for your business, hopefully it’s of a preventative nature and not a disastrous emergency. RAD Computers has been Arizona’s secret weapon to solve IT issues for over 10 years, and we’ve been a Managed Service Provider of IT services for four years now.

We provide affordable yet effective solutions for disaster prevention, on-going maintenance, and disaster recovery situations. That said, we’re not the cheapest provider out there, but if you’re shopping around solely to find the lowest price, please stop.

You need an MSP that will handle your business (employees, possibly your superiors or even customers), and most importantly your data with the utmost care. Most MSPs are out shopping for clients that will pay more than you will, and if your business’s account becomes too much work for too little pay, the MSP will drop you just as fast as you’d drop them for tripling their prices.

To make matters worse, not all MSPs know what they’re doing. Make sure the MSP you hire checks all of these boxes:

  • Preventative measures that go far beyond Antivirus software
  • Real-time monitoring of all systems 
  • Educational security training (ongoing)
  • Data backup and imaging, tested regularly
  • Awareness testing to ensure your employees are handling operations with care
  • Threat mitigation, preferably with SOC support
  • Operations hardening – this is typically known as a “Zero Trust” approach to IT
  • Remediation and Responsiveness – What good is an IT provider if they’re never available?

We call our Managed IT Services “RAD PREDATOR” because we provide everything listed above.

However, even the best IT professionals would be at a loss if your business was hit with a modern attack while unprepared. It is far easier to blow out a candle than it is to rebuild after the building burns down, wouldn’t you agree? A good MSP continuously blows the candles out. A great MSP makes sure the candle never gets lit.

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A Simple Three Step Process to Resolution

  1. Contact us and let us know what your issue is
  2. We’ll help you decide on the best resolution for your situation
  3. RAD Magic happens and your problem is solved

It doesn’t always work out that way, but it does most of the time. We have a ticketing system to keep track of your account history, and if you’re a RAD Member, we’ll have the full computer history, as well.

Put worry to rest

Your business is safe with us

RAD Computers is at your service. If you’re an individual or a business, we’re here to help. Owning a computer shouldn’t cause frustration, and it certainly shouldn’t cause you to worry. Whether you need to speed up a computer, fix a computer, or manage a fleet of systems in a business environment, RAD Computers is the answer to your situation.

“Our mission is to provide resourceful, affordable, dependable computer solutions to everyone. Data preservation, data privacy, and service excellence are our top priorities.”

Founder and CEO of RAD Computers

Mark Bush

Cracked Screen
Windows Blue Screen of Death
Apple Mac No Operating System Error
RAD Computers

RAD Care Residential Plans

Automatic maintenace

Our early days were spent educating people on how to be more efficient, and less vulnerable, with computers. After some time, we realized a lot of the issues that cropped up could be scripted away with automation.

Thirteen years later, RAD Care has evolved into an unbeatable value-oriented member plan that offers managed antivirus, data backup, computer maintenance, and software update management, all of which is automatically deployed over the internet, with no need to bring the computer into our office.


Who doesn't love a fast computer?

Our health monitoring and automatic maintenance keep your computer running faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics.

Who doesn't love a healthy computer?

Prevention is far better, and cheaper, than distaster recovery. Our system alerts us to any health issues your computer is having, kind of like a Tesla would do.

Clients currently enjoying RAD Managed IT Services Include:

Business Industries

  • Call Centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Entertainment businesses
  • Healthcare / Medical clinics
  • Insurance agencies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Restaurants

Residential Clients

  • Click-happy Teenagers
  • College students
  • Content Creators
  • Elderly users
  • PC Gamers
  • People that work from home
  • People that frequently travel with laptops
  • Shared computer families

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We’re simply Resourceful, Affordable, Dependable Computer Experts.


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